"Energy, intelligence and integrity... comes in many forms and for many purposes - but this is what I always look for when we expand the family. And there is a lot of potential for expansion here at ASA-LIFT. 

As a family, we take care of each other and this is what you will experience. We make sure to get everyone on board, and we seek to match competences and interest with tasks and responsibility.

Our purpose is to help feeding the world with healthy foods, through the most amazing customers; farmers!
And we have the coolest products. 

In my opinion there’s no better place to work!"

Joas, managing director


Join our ASA-LIFT family in Sorø, 80 kilometers south-west of Copenhagen.

ASA-LIFT is an 86-year-old Danish lady, but don’t let that fool you. She is as flexible and quick as ever.

We are a Danish based company of 140 employees. We produce customized harvesters for a wide array of vegetables and root crops: Carrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes, parsnips, onions, garlic, flowers of many sorts , leek, spinach and so on.
The company has a small engineering department and manufacturing facilities with welding, painting, machining, laser cutting, automation and assembly - Everything under one roof.

We have a  visionary owner; GRIMME, a large German based family-owned company, specialized in potato and beet equipment. GRIMME has been very successful in developing their business and have successfully finished a generational transition from Franz GRIMME to his sons Christoph and Philipp, now seeing ASA-LIFT as a vital part of their growth strategy.

At ASA-LIFT you will meet people and technology which is on the one hand down to earth, literally, while also being very creative, out of the box thinking, strongly collaborative and responsible. 

Are you ready to join a rapidly growing company that enables the feeding of the world with healthy and sustainable nutrition?

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