One of ASA-LIFT´s main goals, is to provide optimal service

Optimal service within the choice of correct type of harvester. This is done with a close dialog between the farmer, ASA-LIFT sales representatives and ASA-LIFT area managers. Each market has its own conditions, systems and needs. To be aware of these points, You have to be physical on the market - therefore ASA-LIFT area managers are offen travelling, to obtain knowledge of each market. Our machines are often designed in cooperation with each farmer/end user. 

Optimal service within the production of decided harvester

Good reliable design, which is produced in optimal conditions and delivery in due time.

Optimal service within startup of each new harvester

On new markets, ASA-LIFT are offen present with our own service managers and our local representatives. After qualified technical training together with ASA-LIFT service managers, representatives of each country/area, handles startup and service maintenence. ASA-LIFT enjoys a reputation of long lasting cooperation with each representative, so that knowledge is build up over years of experience.

Optimal service within sparepart deliveries

Specially in high season harvesting period, spare- and wearingpart deliveries are crusial for each grower, in case of a breakdown. Qualified sparepart department, with years of experience are ready to help in these situations. Qualified and special selected sales representatives in each country are also ready to support.

ASA-LIFT is always ready to support

Out of office hours, a service telephone can be contacted in case of emergency situations.

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