Our offices in Sorø are open

  • Monday - thursday from 8 am - 16 pm CET and friday from 8 am - 15 pm CET

Trucks picking up ASA-LIFT machines must arrive at our warehouse within these hours:

  • Monday - thursday from 7 am - 14 pm CET and friday from 7 am - 12 pm CET



When you contact ASA-LIFT or our dealers you will meet a company with one goal – to fulfill your request! An open discussion of the project will outline possible solutions to your request. In the process of defining the project, ASA-LIFT draws on and offers great experience gathered from all over the world. Subjects as growing method, season, soil type as well as flexibility and capacity are natural elements to discuss in the process.

When the project is thoroughly examined, ASA-LIFT will make a quotation for a solution to your request, and together we will adjust the project proposal in order for you to get the specific solution that suits you.

When the machine has been built and delivered, ASA-LIFT will carefully follow the project in order to ensure a successful start-up and implementation. From years of experience, we know that the machine is not delivered until it is running in the field, fulfilling the need of its owner.

We aim at working together with the professional growers in order to develop the most efficient and cost effective solutions possible. With ASA-LIFT the harvesting of vegetables should be easier and more profitable. We want to supply high quality machines and professional after sales service.



Since the foundation in 1936, ASA-LIFT has always enjoyed a reputation for quality, innovation and good craftsmanship.
Based on our work in the vegetable fields world wide, we constantly adapt our machines to the given conditions and present demands.

Production started mainly to serve the needs of local farmers. Then during the 1950’s the production run of machines was manufactured and in the 1960’s ASA-LIFT produced the world’s very first hydraulic harvester.

At the same time interest came from export markets and the first contacts were made. Many of those first contacts are still ASA-LIFT customers or importers in their respective countries today!

Since then the development of our range of harvesters have been subject to the possibilities latest production and electronic technologies have opened up for. Today our range covers lift mounted models to self propelled units where the equipment varies from customer to customer.

Today, ASA-LIFT is a proud member of the GRIMME GROUP.



Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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