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Self-propelled harvester - 30 t bunker | REXOR 6300

6 rows, 45 m³ bunker capacity, highest crop protection and perfect overview, 653 HP (emission level stage V)

The new generation of the REXOR series sets new standards in harvesting beet, chicory roots and celeriac. The new digging unit, the digital SmartView video system and the unique defoliator, type GRIMME FM, focus on protecting the crop and reducing the driver's workload. The three-axle REXOR 6300 can be equipped with either Oppel wheels or with walking shares, and four different defoliation systems.

Increased cleaning

The new roller table with integrated stone protection has 7 cleaning rollers as standard, which ensure better and higher cleaning performance with consistently high crop protection.

Ergonomic maintenance position

The new digging attachment comes with a standard maintenance position. in which the chipper and digging unit can be swung up. Both the chopper and the digging unit can be swivelled up hydraulically. This ensures an ergonomic and safe working. 

Agile, lightweight constant scalper

Due to its low dead weight, the constant scalper can work much more agilely upwards and downwards. Either the scalping is the same across all beets, or it is individually depending on the beet size. Large beet means large scalping cut, small beet means small scalping cut. 

Everything in sight and immediately accessible

With the ISOBUS operator terminal CCI 1200 and the SmartView video system, the driver has a good view of the entire machine and can adjust it intuitively. 

Gentle digging without fractures of the root tips

The hydraulically driven Oppel wheel lifts the crop out of the ground in an extremely gentle way and with minimal earth build-up. 

Harvesting the whole beet

The result of defoliation with a FM is a completely leaf-free beet head without scalping the crop.

Relief for the driver and highest crop protection

Speedtronic is an automatic speed control of the cleaning turbines and the ring elevator for adaptation to the respective harvesting conditions.This leads to an improved crop protection, higher output and reduced control efforts for the driver.

Up to 25 % more throughput

The unique ring elevator with its deep pocket design leads -at constant speed- to an increased throughput and improved, gentle handling of the crop.

Excellent visibility during bunker unloading

With the optimized bunker shape, the driver has a perfect view of bunker unloading web.

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  • General:
    • Highest power output, through Mercedes-Benz (MTU) engine with 480 kW / 653 PS
    • telemetry unit is standard, the connection to the myGRIMME portal is free of charge
    • Individually agreed service packages, available as an option. In the highest stage, called PROTECT, this includes a full service inclusive of wearing parts.
    • Highest variety of defoliating and digging systems in the market: Four defoliating systems, two digging systems.
  • Gentle crop handling, highest output and cleaning performance:
    • Maximum mass yield by use of defoliating system, type FM, and Oppel wheels.
    • Reduced soil uptake in wet conditions through the driven Oppel wheels.
    • Beet pre-cleaning on the axial roller table.
    • High output through the 900 wide and 500 mm high channel.
    • Effective soil cleaning via automatic, load-dependent speed control of the three cleaning turbines and the ring elevator (Speedtronic).
    • Simple and quick adaptation of the turbine-unit to the respective harvesting conditions due to the quick-change system of the guide bars and the spring tine packages.
    • Unique ring elevator with large elevating pockets for up to 25% more throughput compared to the previous ring elevator.
    • Gentle transfer of the crop from the ring elevator into the bunker via rubber drop height reducer.
    • Optimised transfer of the crop from the longitudinal scraper floor onto the cross scraper floor, in order to minimize damages and root breakages.
    • Gentle crop handling when creating and unloading onto a clamp, due to a far lowerable unloading web with double bend.
    • Road approval for different driving speeds of 20, 25, 32 or 40 km/h, alternatively.
  • Driver comfort
    • SmartView: The video system includes a 12 inch touch screen with the feature to zoom-in, live slow motion, live image transmission via WiFi, Visual Protect PRO and the possibility to record the displayed image.
    • Visual Protect PRO: Automatically, simultaneous switch-on of several cameras, where a critical situation has been noticed (risk of a separator blockage e.g.), so that the driver can react and prevent further blockages or damages of the machine.
    • Relaxed working thanks to noise-insulated cab, premium driver's seat with extra-high backrest and headrest, maximum suspension comfort, seat heating and air-conditioning system and powerful LED lighting system
    • Intuitive control and easy access to all functions by use of ErgoDrive operating concept, driver specific settings can be stored
    • Maintenance-free drive for the Oppel wheels and for the walking shares
    • Excellent view of the unloading conveyor due to optimized bunker shape
    • Saving and recall of individual machine parameters by use of Clean Control
    • Automatic, load dependent speed control for the cleaning turbines and the ring elevator with Speedtronic
    • The unloading web with double bend shifts the vehicle's centre of gravity to the centre of the vehicle. Further more this leads to a reduced overall height (e.g. in the case of low-slung power lines or branches) for greater safety when digging.
    • Safe work on slopes with the stabilisation system BaSYS
    • Easy maintenance due to well accessible assemblies and long maintenance intervals
  • The maintenance position for the walking shares and the Oppel wheels ensures an ergonomic and safe working.
    • Convenient cleaning of the machine by means of two air compressor connections next to the cabin and in the engine compartment
    • Well accessible tool box for maintenance work
    • Easily accessible hand wash tank with 15 l capacity
    • Generous storage compartment for wearing parts, hydraulic oil, AdBlue etc. at the rear of the machine
    • Coming home function for safe stepping down from the machine
  • Ground compaction protection
    • Weight reduction by fully hydraulic drive
    • Large wheels (Michelin IF 800/70 R38 CEREXBIB) on the front axle and on the rear axle (Michelin 1000/55 R32 CEREXBIB)
    • Dog walk driving (to the left AND to the right side) with infinitely adjustable articulated joint

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


    • Selectable row width of 45, 48 or 50 cm
    • Front topper with "Inline system" (for the deposit of the beet leaves between the rows) and steel flails
    • New, light weight, maintenance-free constant scalper
    • Digging unit with Oppel wheels, which are hydraulically driven on both sides, lateral shiftable about ± 40 mm
    • The cleaning unit consists of seven helix rollers and a 900 mm wide crop conveyor.
    • The cleaning unit consists of three cleaning turbines (diameter of 1700/1500/1500 mm) with infinitely variable speed adjustment and a hydraulic guide bar adjustment.
    • Automatic speed adjustment of cleaning turbines and ring elevator by Speedtronic
    • Quick-change system for the guide bars
  • Large bunker with a capacity of 45 m³/30 t. Bunker filling with ring elevator, auger, drop height reducer (standard) and filling sensor.
    • Emptying of the bunker via longitudinal and crossways scraper floor and a 1800 mm wide unloading elevator.
    • Front wheels Michelin IF 800/70 R38 IF CEREXBIB, with a steering angle +/- 10°.
    • Articulated joint in the front with a steering angle of +/- 35°
    • Rear wheels Michelin 1000/55 R32 CEREXBIB, with a steering angle of +/- 25°
    • Premium comfort cabin: Noise-protected, suspended cabin incl. leather seat, active seat ventilation and seat heating, Climatronic, pneumatically folding mirrors, an audio system which is prepared for Bluetooth mobile telephone system, windshield wipers and sun visor.
    • Pneumatic filling of the central lubrication system
    • ISOBUS Operator terminal CCI 1200 with intuitive operating interface GDI and digital diagnostic system
    • Mercedes-Benz (MTU) engine OM 473 LA 480 kW / 653 HP stage V, using SCR exhaust technology (AdBlue)
    • Automotive driving (1150 - 1500 rpm)
    • Optional travelling speed 20 kmph, 25 kmph, 32 kmph or 40 kmph
    • Telemetric-unit called "GRIMME SmartConnect" with connectivity to myGRIMME

Technical data

6830-060 REXOR 630

Length 15600 mm
Width 3000 / 3300 mm
Height 4000 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 34000 kg
Working width  
Row width 45 / 48 / 50 cm
Number of rows 6
Digging unit Oppel wheels x
Digging unit walking shares (option) x
Lateral mobility Oppel wheels +/- 40+/- 40 mm
Shift of digging unit - Oppel wheel +/- 150 mm
Shift of digging unit - walking share +/- 200 mm
Cleaning unit  
Diameter 1st turbine 1700 mm
Diameter 2nd and 3rd turbine 1500 mm
Cleaning surface 11 m²
Transport web clearance 500 mm
Transport web pitch 50 mm
Transport web pitch (option) 60 mm
1st cleaning turbine pitch 50 mm
2nd and 3rd cleaning turbine pitch 47 mm
Ring elevator  
Ring elevator width 900 mm
Capacity 45 m³
Unloading web width 1800 mm
Unloading elevator  
Transfer height 4000 mm
Number of wheels 6
Front Michelin IF 800/70 R38 CEREXBIB
Centre Michelin 1000/55 R32 CEREXBIB
rear Michelin 900/60 R32 CEREXBIB
Steering angle  
Front +/- 10 °
Centre +/- 20 °
Rear +/- 32 °
Articulated joint +/- 35 °
Inner turning radius 7,50 m
Chassis and engine  
Transport speed (option) 20 (25, 32, 40) km/h
Motor power 480/653 kW/HP
Fuel tank capacity 1300 l
AdBlue tank capacity 95 l
Hydrostatic drive x

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