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Self-propelled harvester - 2-row | HT 210

2-row, for row width 90 cm, for VARITRON 220 / 270

High-performance harvesting methods with 2-row self-propelled harvesters are of particular importance in many regions. Especially for these harvesters GRIMME offers the HT 200, as a perfectly matching 2-row haulm topper with lateral haulm discharge. The machine can be used either for a row width of 90 cm or in beds with a track width of 180 cm. The potato haulm is mechanically crushed and conveyed to the side of the ridges. The lateral discharge of the haulm significantly reduces the risk of blockages at the intake unit and increases the machine capacity accordingly. This applies in particular to modern potato varieties, which have an enormous amount of high, strong haulm to improve assimilation for an increased yield. A further advantage is the reduced load on the separation devices, which minimises harvest losses and increases separation quality. The working depth is adjusted conveniently via operator terminal.

Infinite manual height adjustment of the support wheels (standard)

Automatic depth control via skids (option)

Infinitely flail shaft speed setting from the driver's seat

Haulm discharge via cross conveyor


  • Haulm topping and digging at once in combination with a 2-row self-propelled harvester
  • Haulm discharge via cross conveyor, avoids haulm blocking in the harvester, reaches an higher output and improves the digging quality
  • Infinite mechanical height adjustment of the support wheels (standard)
  • For the optimum working height an automatic depth control via skids is available (option)
  • Infinitely flail shaft speed setting from the driver's seat


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Flail shaft 2.10 m wide
  • Row width 90 cm
  • Bed width 1.80 m
  • Flail setting choice between ridge or bed cultivation
  • Number of flails: 54 pieces
  • Flail shaft with hydraulic drive
  • Haulm discharge via cross conveyor
  • Cross conveyor, hydraulically driven
  • Contour hood for exact haulm guiding
  • Shear plate
  • 2 pendular support wheels
  • Lighting

Technical data

HT 210

Length 2250 mm
Length in transport position 2250 mm
Width 3100 mm
Width in transport position 2700 mm
Height 1410 mm
Height in transport position 1410 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 920 kg
Working width  
Working width 2,1 m
Row width 90 cm
Number of rows 2
Number of support wheels 2
Support wheels 175 R14

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