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Planting technology - Cup planter | GL 420 Exacta

4-row, up to 2 t hopper, in combination with soil cultivation

The GL 420 Exacta is a short, combined and carried potato planter without wheels. The unique design of the machine of our potato planter Type "GL 420 Exacta" results in the smallest distance between tuber discharge and following ridge form plates, which is available on the market for potato planters with conventional arrangement of the planting elements. The small distance ensures that even on slopes the tubers do always lie perfectly in the middle of the ridge. Due to the mechanical coupling between the furrow opener and the ridge forming plate an "exact" planting depth is ensured. Up to four loosening tines can be used in front of the soil tillage implement for a deep loosening of the soil. For perfect soil preparation the option of either a rotary harrow or a full width tiller is available. The compact design of the machine without running wheels, avoids soil compaction behind the cultivator. The distinctive construction is advantageous in small, odd shaped fields and on slopes.

Combining work steps

Soil cultivation, planting and ridge shaping in a single pass.

Always centre deposit of the seed in the ridges

The potato planter with shortest distance between tuber discharge and following ridge form plates, which is available on the market - with well proven, conventional arrangement of the planting elements.

Short and compact

Compact design for high manoeuvrability.

Optimized singling

The feeding belts evenly fill the cup hopper of the planting elements.

Uniform re-compaction

Carrying roller to even the ground between the tractor wheels.

Combined plant protection

GRIMME tank system TS 820, authorized for liquid chemicals to be applied onto the seed potatoes and/or into the furrow.


  • The powerful planting element enables a simple adaption to the tuber size and ensures therefore an exact planting distance.
  • Planting element arrangement in the proven design.
  • The combination of specially developed furrow opener, planting cups, the longest singling way, an adjustable drop rod and a low drop height enable an even planting distance in the required planting depth.
  • Different setting options of the machine together with good calibrated seed enable a high planting speed.
  • Very short combi potato planter in conjunction with GRIMME Rotary Tiller GR 300 or rotary harrow, type LEMKEN Zirkon 12, for soil cultivation
  • The compact design of the machine without running wheels, avoids soil compaction behind the cultivator
  • The furrow openers are directly connected with the shaping board and achieve an even planting depth ensuring good growth
  • Optimum singling of the tubers via automatic filling of the planting element with a sensor operated feed conveyor
  • The ISOBUS operator terminal CCI 800 or CCI 1200 with intuitive user interface GDI and various diagnostic options offer a high level of operating comfort and provides relief for the driver.
  • Less seed potatoes are required with the automatic single row deactivation of the planting elements with Section Control.
  • Variable Rate Control (VRC): By use of electronic application maps the machine is able to realise precise, variable tuber spacing for each single row.
  • Clever Planting: Increased share of marketable crop due to an improved, even growth and tuber size in the rows next to the spray tracks. This is achieved by an infinitely adjustable, reduced tuber spacing and reduces the competition for light and nutrients along the spray tracks.
  • The GRIMME nozzle system ensures complete dressing of the tuber, and the GRIMME tank system enables a safe handling as well as a proper crop protection
  • Option to applicate micro granular directly into the furrow for an optimum growing start or for seed protection

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Potato planter with 4 planting elements
  • Hydraulic planting element drive, using one hydraulic motor for four rows
  • Planting belt with cups of choice
  • Quick unlock of planting elements.
  • Stainless steel bottom in cup hopper.
  • Trailed furrow opener connected to the shaping board in a parallelogram
  • Fixed hopper (1600 kg) with feeding elevators to the planting elements
  • Manual operated lane marker with disc
  • Hydraulic shaping board pressure adjustment, controlled via operator terminal
  • Carrying roller (clamping ring) in front of the soil cultivator
  • ISOBUS operator terminal CCI 800

Technical data

GL 420 Exacta

Length with shaping board 2950 mm
Length with spraying track lever 3375 mm
Width at row width 75 cm 3290 mm
Height 2200 mm
Filling height fixed hopper 2000 mm
Overlapping length at the rear with shaping board 1250 mm
Overlapping length at the rear with spraying track lever 1675 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration with GRIMME GR 300 4100 kg
Empty weight with basic configuration with Lemken Zirkon 12 3600 kg
Working width  
Row width 75 cm
Number of rows 4
Tractor attachment  
Lower linkage category 3 Cat.
Input speed p.t.o.-shaft 1000 rpm
Fixed hopper capacity 1600 kg
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 110 kW
Oil flow 40 l/min
Required control valves (single acting) 1

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