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Planting technology - Cup planter | GL 32 E

2-row, carried, compact and maneuverable

The GL 32 E, simple to operate and robust technology enables a high efficiency in the field. The compact machine suits also small tractors. The GRIMME professional planting element is the right choice for a very precise and even planting distance. Different setting options of the machine together with good calibrated seed enable a high planting speed. The GL 32 E is available with following row width: 75, 80 or 90 cm.

High output planting element

The powerful planting element enables a simple adaption to the tuber size and ensures therefore an exact spacing.

Highest manoeuvrability

The compact design of the carried machine gives a high maneuverability on the headland

Perfect ridge shaping

Ridging bodies behind covering discs for a perfect ridge shaping.

Precise fertiliser placement

Fertiliser box for under-root fertilisation.

Combined plant protection

GRIMME tank system TS 410, authorized for liquid chemicals to be applied onto the seed potatoes and/or into the furrow.


  • The compact design of the carried machine provides a high maneuverability on the headland
  • The powerful planting element enables a simple adaption to the tuber size and ensures therefore an exact planting distance.
  • The combination of specially developed furrow opener, planting cups, the longest singling way, an adjustable drop rod and a low drop height enable an even planting distance in the required planting depth.
  • Furrow opener with wearing parts and a depth adjustable mandrel for an exact planting depth of the seed tubers.
  • Two large wheels provide a good stability
  • For optimum depth adjustment, the machine is equipped with a height-adjustable axle for the wheels.
  • The GRIMME nozzle system ensures a complete dressing of the tuber, and the GRIMME tank system, mounted at the tractor front, enable a safe handling and a proper crop protection
  • An improved, constant covering of the potatoes can be achieved by use of additional ridging bodies (option) which are mounted behind the covering discs.

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Potato planter with 2 planting elements
  • Stainless steel bottom in cup hopper
  • Planting belt with cups of choice
  • Quick unlock of planting elements
  • Infinitely adjustable mechanical shaker
  • Fixed furrow opener, simple height adjustment
  • Spring loaded covering unit, ball bearing mounted
  • Chassis with 2 running wheels
  • Wheels 7.00-12 AS
  • Fixed hopper capacity 500 kg

Technical data

GL 32 E

Length 1500 mm
Width at row width 75 cm 2145 mm
Height 1800 mm
Filling height fixed hopper 1500 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 460 kg
Working width  
Row width 75 - 90 cm
Number of rows 2
Tractor attachment  
Lower linkage category 2 Cat.
Fixed hopper capacity 500 kg
Wheels 7.00-12 AS
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 37 kW

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