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Handling equipment - Receiving hopper | RH 28-70

Intake volume up to 25 m³, soil cleaning and pre-grading

The Receiving hopper, type RH 28, is designed with a large hopper volume of up to 25 m³. It is especially suitable for large farms. The design of the hopper floor, its active pocket sealing, the cleaning unit with spiral roller made of polyurethane and the infinite drive are standard in this machine to achieve gentle crop handling and hight throughput. The various options allow an optimum adaption to the customer needs.

Gentle crop receiving for perfect storing

Gentle intake and excellent dragging effect of the hopper floor due to deep bags with active sealing.

Highest crop protection

The soft, wear-resistant polyurethane (PU) spiral rollers achieve lowest impact on the crop and an effective separating performance.In addition, jammed stones and entangled haulm are avoided.

Even, uniform crop flow

The extension at the end of the bunker floor loosens the crop flow, improves the even crop discharge onto the soil cleaning web and ensures a continuous feed to the downstream machines.

Full degree of utilisation

Capacity Control: A sensor which monitors the filling level of the receiving hopper regulates the optimum hopper floor speed at all times.

Comfortable operation

Simple and intuitive operation via operator terminal GBT 831


Front section (receiving)

Hopper floor / bunker floor

Soil cleaning and pre-grading

Crop discharge

Control Systems


Assistance systems

  • Strong hopper floor
  • Gentle intake due to soft bags
  • Durable due to large exterior rollers of the hopper floor chain
  • Optimum crop flow due to infinitely variable hopper floor speed
  • Excellent emptying due to deep bags with active sealing
  • The gooseneck-shaped top end of the hopper ensures an even crop flow and discharge.
  • Gentle crop discharge from the hopper floor onto the spiral coils.
  • Gentle soil cleaning and pre-grading with PU spiral coils
  • Infinitely speed adjustment in two packets (coil 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 2, 4, 6, 8) ensure an optimal and crop protective soil separation
  • Quick adaption of the soil cleaning to varying amount of trash via infinitely levelling and distance adjustment of the PU-coils
  • Maintenance free direct drives
  • Comfortable operation via operator terminal type GBT 831

Images / video clips


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Hopper floor with horizontal head end at top
  • Height adjustable spring mounted collision protection
  • Deep and soft bags
  • Active pocket sealing
  • Robust hopper floor chains supported on external bearings
  • Infinitely adjustable hopper floor speed
  • Soil cleaning with 9 PU spiral coils
  • Soil cleaning unit with hydraulically operated distance and levelling adjustment
  • Infinitely speed adjustment of the PU cleaning rollers
  • Difference speed setting of the PU spiral coils
  • Soil cross conveyor
  • Crop cross conveyor
  • Operator terminal GBT 831 (incl. 2 m connecting cable)

Technical data

RH 28-70

Intake height (min.) 925 mm
Intake height (max.) 1275 mm
Intake width 3400 mm
Hopper floor width 2800 mm
Hopper floor length 7000 mm
Hopper floor speed 0,5 - 5 m/min
Capacity 25 m³
Soil cleaning / pre-grading  
Width 2800 mm
Number of coils (standard) 9 + 2
Number of coils CF (option) 8 + 6 + 2
Number of coils CFF (option) 8 + 6 + 7 + 2
Coil distance soil cleaning C9 (standard) 5 - 35 (55) mm
Coil distance soil cleaning (CF) (option) 5 - 45 mm
Coil distance of soil cleaning device (CFF) (option) 5 - 25 mm
Coil distance pre-grading unit (CF) (option) 5 - 65 mm
Coil distance 1nd pre-grading unit (CFF) (option) 5 - 55 mm
Coil distance 2nd pre-grading unit (CFF) (option) 5 - 65 mm
Soil cross conveyor width (standard) 1100 mm
Soil cross conveyor width CF (option) 800 mm
Soil cross conveyor width CFF (option) 800 mm
Crop cross conveyor width 800 mm
Cross conveyor length 3500 mm
Cross conveyor length (option) 4000 mm
Discharge height soil cross conveyor C9 1250 mm
Discharge height soil cross conveyor CF (option) 1000 mm
Discharge height soil cross conveyor CFF (option) 1250 mm
Discharge height of pre-grading cross conveyor CF (option) 1250 mm
Discharge height 1st pre-grading cross conveyor CFF (option) 1500 mm
Discharge height 2nd pre-grading cross conveyor CFF (option) 1250 mm
Discharge height crop cross conveyor C9 1250 mm
Discharge height crop cross conveyor CF 1250 mm
Discharge height crop cross conveyor CFF 1250 mm
Power supply  
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Service 15 + 5 kW

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