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Handling equipment - Receiving hopper | CleanLoader

Field loading, trash separation on the field, up to 120 t/h loading capacity

The field loading station CleanLoader has a performance of up to 120 t/h and simultaneous maximum trash separation during the loading on the field. The proven Receiving hopper RH 24-60 Combi with 19 m³ capacity and 15 PU-spiral rollers is the technical basic for the CleanLoader. The integrated cross conveyor, which are extendable to the side, make additional conveyor unnecessary. For the independent use of the CleanLoader it is equipped with an economical diesel engine. Transporting vehicles and trailers are loaded by a large, powerful cart elevator, which can be lowered deep into the trailer. The elevator can be moved hydraulically with a swivelling range of 25° to the left and to the right. Long trucks only need to be moved forward once during filling process. The cart elevator is conveniently operated by remote control. The CleanLoader is ready to use or to move to the next field in less than 15 minutes.

Variable use

The GRIMME CleanLoader is suitable for loading various crops, such as potatoes, carrots, red beet, onions, chicory and many more.

Swivelling cart elevator for simple and fast lorry filling

Comfortable operation via VC 50 operator terminal and remote control

Very efficient and quiet diesel engine with 40 kW / 54 PS

Active and gentle merging of the crop flow in the cart elevator

Video: CleanLoader


  • Noticeable increased efficiency in the field logistic
  • The main trash remains on the field
  • Field tyres stay on the field, road tyres stay on the road.
  • Fast set-up or dismantling in maximum 15 minutes
  • Fast and gentle crop loading: Up to 120 t/h loading capacity, 15 minutes per lorry
  • Large receiving hopper with 19 m³ capacity as buffer hopper
  • Thanks to the wide swivelling range of 50 ° of the cart elevator (6,5 m, 25° to the right and 25° to the left) trucks only need to move once during the loading process.
  • Comfortable operation via VC 50 operator terminal and remote control.
  • Efficient diesel engine with a fuel consumption of approx. 5 to 6 l/h
  • Approvable for 25 km/h
  • Tandem axle with large wheels for minimum ground pressure and smooth road travel.
  • Large jack stands do not require additional packing plates

Images / video clips


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • RH 24-60 Combi with 19 m³ capacity:
    • Hopper floor with horizontal head end at top
    • Height adjustable spring mounted collision protection
    • Deep, soft "pockets" hopper floor
    • Active pocket sealing
    • Robust hopper floor chain supported on external bearings
    • Infinitely adjustable hopper floor speed
    • Soil cleaning CF with PU spiral coils
    • Hydraulically operated distance and levelling adjustment
    • Infinitely speed adjustment of the PU spiral coils
    • Difference speed setting of the PU spiral coils
    • Integrated cross conveyor, extendable to the side
    • Inspection platform at both sides for 4 persons, incl. trash conveyor and LED lights
    • Emergency stop at both sides of the inspection table
  • Hatz diesel engine
    • 55 kW / 74 HP
    • 4 cylinder
  • Consumption: approx. 5 to 6 l/h
    • Emission stage V
  • Cart elevator:
    • Width 120 cm
    • Swivelling range 50° (6.5 m, 25° to the l/h- and 25° to the r/h-side)
    • Overloading length 7.30 m
  • Operator terminal VC 50 (incl. 15 m connecting cable)

Technical data

5720-550 RH 24-60 CleanLoader

Length in transport position [A] 12330 mm
Height in transport position [B] 3970 mm
Length in working position [D] 16450 mm
Length in working position [L] 15950 mm
Maximum length incl. drawbar [C] 17850 mm
Maximum length incl. drawbar [K] 17350 mm
Minimum overloading length [F] 5800 mm
Minimum overloading length [N] 5300 mm
Maximum overloading length [E] 6500 mm
Maximum overloading length [M] 6100 mm
Minimum transfer height incl. potato chute [H] 1750 mm
Maximum transfer height incl. potato chute [G] 3200 mm
Minimum discharge height [O] 4000 mm
Maximum discharge height [P] 6000 mm
Height potato chute (I) 900 mm
Length of discharge chute [J] 450 mm
Unloading elevator  
Width of overloading elevator 1200 mm
Width of the swivelling range [Q] 6500 mm
Swing angle left/right +/- 25 °
Intake height (min.) 850 mm
Intake height (max.) 1000 mm
Intake width 3000 mm
Hopper floor width 2400 mm
Hopper floor length 6000 mm
Hopper floor speed 0,5 - 5 m/min
Capacity 19 m³
Soil cleaning / pre-grading  
Width 2400 mm
Number of coils CF (standard) 7 + 6 + 2
Coil distance soil cleaning (CF) (option) 5 - 15 mm
Coil distance pre-grading unit (CF) (option) 5 - 40 mm
Width of 1. soil cross conveyor 800 mm
Length of 1st soil cross conveyor 3000 mm
Width of 2. soil cross conveyor (telescoping) 800 mm
Length of 2nd soil cross conveyor (telescoping) 2000 mm
Width of 1st pre-grading cross conveyor 800 mm
Length of 1st pre-grading cross conveyor 3000 mm
Width of 2nd pre-grading cross conveyor (telescoping) 800 mm
Length of 2nd pre-grading cross conveyor (telescoping) 2000 mm
width transfer web 2400 mm
length transfer web 2000 mm
Chassis and engine  
Engine output power with emission stage V 55 / 74 kW/HP

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