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Handling equipment - Receiving technology | PS 511

Gentle and quick remove from stock, ergonomical and maneuverable

The potato scooper, type PS 511, picks up the crop from the storage floor with high performance and transfers it to the following conveyors. The Scooper with its range of 11 m and a belt width of 50 cm convinces with its high throughput rate. Infinitely height adjustment at the discharge side for maximum gentle crop handling. The infinitely conveyor speed adjustment allows an optimum adoption to the various conditions. Thanks to the hydraulic single-wheel drive, the machine is very manoeuvrable and powerful, enabling high productivity as well as comfortable, fast and precise moving of the machine. The infinitely variable adaptation of the range makes it possible to shift the position of the Scooper without having to move the storage line.

PU drop brake SoftFlow for a gentle crop transfer

Trough-shaped belt and active side panels achieve gentle conveying

Ergonomical seating position and ergonomical picking platform

Optimum crop flow due to infinitely variable belt speed


Product transfer


Operational functions

  • Trough-shaped belt and active side panels achieve gentle conveying
  • Closed and strong frame construction ensures long lifetime
  • Height adjustable at the discharge side for easy integration into the line
  • Optimum crop flow due to infinitely variable belt speed
  • Gentle transfer onto downstream conveyors by the transfer aid "SoftFlow" (a finger-shaped plastic comb, made of polyurethane)
  • "Non-slip" pulled belt drive
  • Flexible positioning via large swivelling angle between the Scooper and telescopic conveyer
  • The mobile slewing track ring makes it easy to determine the fixed discharge point to downstream mounted conveyors.
  • Ergonomical driver's seat allowing an optimum view on the pick up area
  • Hydraulic drive for maximum torque
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering of the Scooper

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Through shaped conveyor belts with active sides
  • Ball-bearing steel support rollers, lifetime-lubricated and maintenance-free
  • Pulled belt drive
  • Infinitely adjustable belt speed
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering of the Scooper
  • Infinitely height adjustable chassis at the discharge side of the machine
  • Mobile, half-round rail
  • Ergonomic control platform with controls in the armrests
  • Rear mirror on the control platform
  • Infinitely adjustable hydraulic single wheel drive
  • PU-flow brake SoftFlow

Technical data

PS 511

length of scooper 3100 mm
Height 1600 mm
Transport length retraced [G] 8100 mm
Transport length extended [H] 11000 mm
Total length retraced [1] 8600 mm
Total length extended [2] 11600 mm
Turntable width (inner) 1900 mm
Turntable width (outer) 2100 mm
Belt width 500 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 2200 kg
Height min. [B] 1000 mm
Height max. [C] 1300 mm
Swing angle 130 °
Power supply  
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power at belt speed 3 - 70 m/min (standard) 7,5 kW