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Cabbage technology - Mounted harvester | MC-1010C 

single row, mounted, with box filling system

The MC-1010C is a tractor mounted single row cabbage box harvester, which can be used to harvest red and white cabbage. The ASA-LIFT ""Cab-Star"" harvesting section has a unique top belt to support and adjust the cabbage on its way onto the rotating knife system, which will cut the cabbage with a clean cut. After the cut, the PVC belt will transport the cabbage onto the rear section , where the picking can be done at the sorting table. The MC-1010C has a standing platform for two persons and a hydralic pivot fork for 2 boxess (500 kilos) or one box of one ton.

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  • The unique rotating knife system gives a precise and clean cut of the cabbage
  • The gentle harvesting method allows storage of the cabbage for up to 5 months
  • The automatic height adjustment system gives a uniform cutting of the cabbage and makes the machine simple to operate
  • The machine allows a harvest down to a 60 cm row distance
  • The harvest section can harvest cabbage from less than 1kg up to approx 8 kg by making a few simple adjustments

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