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Green beans harvester - Harvesting Technology | GB-1000

Single rowed green beans harvester

The new GB-1000 has a complete new harvesting section, updated to improve the harvest of beans. The new design include the well-tested two stripper wheels each with individual speed. This ensures the most gentle way of machine harvesting the beans from the plants. We have improved the capacity by extending the harvesting section by 25%, this will shorten the payback time of the investment. We have also made the cleaning and service easier by making it possible to open the picker wheels by hydraulic cylinders. The pick-up belt after the rotor has been improved in capacity by making more space for the beans and leaves. A convenient design makes it the most compact green bean harvester, providing a small turn radius and maneuverability, yet still keeping all the needed functions and more. The pick-up section has two individual speed sections to ensure gentle harvest. The intake angle of the whole pick-up section is adjustable, to define the best angle for crop-intake.

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