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Carrot technology - Harvest preparation | KP 1700

1.7 m working width, haulm ridge or bed haulm topping

High speed and very flexible flails enable the machine to realise clean work with high output. The housing can be equipped with a discharge of the haulm to the right or to the left, depending on the operating conditions. The flail shafts can be equipped with the award-winning change system, called "Quick-Fix" to change the rubber flails for different requirements in a few, easy steps. For a perfect result of haulm topping and to improve the driver's comfort, an automatic depth control including a levelling adjustment is available as an option. Two feeler wheels permanently measure the height of the ridge resp. the bed, and thus enable individual adaptation to the conditions of use.

Automatic depth control with levelling

KP 1700 haulm discharge to l/h-side

Counter rotating cleaning shafts for a clean result

Flexible rubber flails for crop protection


  • Two counter running flail shaft produce clean crop
  • perfect result of haulm topping and an improved driver's comfort, due to an automatic depth control including a levelling adjustment
  • flexible rubber flails for crop protection
  • Quick-change system QUICK-FIX: for changing the rubber flails in just a few steps

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Rear and front linkage
  • 5 mm rubber flails
  • 2 support wheels, manual height adjustable
  • Warning boards w/o road lights

Technical data

KP 1700

Length 2300 mm
Width 2150 mm
Height 1500 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 900 kg
Tractor attachment  
Lower linkage category 2 Cat.
Input speed p.t.o.-shaft 1000 rpm
Support wheels 5.00-8
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 20 kW

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