New 3 bed windrower

New 3 bed windrower


Overview Click here to watch a video of the ASA-LIFT onion harvester. This ASA-LIFT harvesting machine is built upon the wishes from the customer, the WR-365


Click here to watch a video of the ASA-LIFT onion harvester.

This ASA-LIFT harvesting machine is built upon the wishes from the customer, the WR-365 can windrow 3 beds of 165 cm each, simultaneously - each windrower is independently adjusted by the automatic height adjustment. The newly redesigned frame ensures a robust and solid performance of the machine. The machine quickly folds in and out of transport mode with hydraulics, so less time is spent on this process. The boogie systems create a perfectly flat surface for the onions to be laid on, and the depositor ensures that the onions will be laid in a straight without rolling away upon deposit. Hydraulic wheels on the machine makes it possible to do tight turns on the headland.


A twisted square shaft releases and lifts the onion gently from the ground onto the first web, where a floating rubber paddle will help the onion into the web. Hydraulically driven conical shares at the edges of the windrower helps feeding the onions into the windrower, and cuts excess tops off to reduce tension and build up on axles and plows.


This machine has webs with a spacing of 50 mm and 10 mm wide rods. A manually adjustable shaker beneath the first web efficiently removes soil from the onion, which then continues onto the second web where a shaker, hydraulically controlled from the cab, improves the removal of soil before deposit. The windrower features a boogie wheel system with a pressure-roller that flattens the ground under the windrower, that creates the ideal bed for the onions to be deposited upon.


The windrowers on the strong main frame has been built to easily fold in to transport and out to harvest with very little effort. Activating the controllers from the tractor is simply enough to lift the outer windrowers up in under 30 seconds. The wheels can be extended to improve stability when in transport mode, and retracted when harvesting to match wheel tracks on field. The wheels are also turnable, making it very agile in the headland for tight turns.


In addition to harvesting facilities, this machine is equipped with our technical benefits like automations and ease of control of machine. Our exact automatic height adjustment is installed on each windrower with individual control of each windrower, this ensures that the machine automatically lifts in the optimal height across the whole machine. Adjustment of the chosen height is easily done from the computer in the tractor, as the height adjustment can be controlled by electrical cylinders. From the tractor it’s possible to control and regulate the speeds of the machine for quick adaption to different types of soil.


The machine can be suited from laying into 3 to 3 beds, into 3 to 2 or 3 to one. Intake widths of the onion harvester can vary from 100 cm to 200 cm - get in dialogue with ASA-LIFT to get your onion harvesting machine tailored via