The Onion Harvesters from Asa-Lift are some of the most used onion harvesters on the market. The machines are sold in more than 60 countries around the world. Asa-Lift produce both Onion Harvesters and Onion WindRowers.

The OT series - Onion Topper

secures efficient topping of Onions before windrowing. The Onion Toppers covers machines for 150, 180, 200, and 225 cm bed systems. The machines are with 3 point linkage and are available as front or rear mounted models. 3 sets of rotating knives raise the leaves, cut the top, and blow it into the right wheel track. The cutting height is is hydraulically adjustable by 4 support wheels. The machines are mechanically driven by the tractors PTO shaft.

The WR series - Onion Windrowers

 The Windrower series is a new-designed windrower, which ensures efficient windrowing, reliability, and low running costs. The Onion Windrowers are available from 135 to 200 cm working width. The machines have 2 webs and are mounted with a manually adjustable shaker.

The SL series - Onion Loaders

The line of onion loaders includes 3 point linkage machines as well as trailed machines. The SL 63 is a 3 point mounted Onion Loader with a 63 cm wide pick-up section.  From the pick-up section, the onions are transported to the trailer by a 63 cm wide elevator. The Onion Loader is hydraulically driven and can be supplied with a wide range of equipment to optimize the machine for the given conditions.